More information on our magnificent new campus.

Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov Ohr Eliyahu continues to implement innovative teaching strategies as we adapt to new state of the art campus facilities, we recognize that our success as educators depends on our ability to connect with our students as individuals and to inspire them with a true love of learning. In the end, it all comes down to one teacher, in a classroom, creating a meeting of hearts and minds. This is what makes education a vibrant and transformative experience for our students.

Together we maintain a shared commitment to making this meeting of hearts and minds possible. Accordingly, our core principles encompass the commitment to:

  • Dedicate a secure space for children that sets rigorous expectations for each student to reach his/her academic cutting edge, balanced by a nurturing interpersonal relationship between teacher and student.
  • Construct learning environments that ignite a child’s natural joy in learning and respect the unique gifts of each child.
  • Encourage creativity and support a disciplined approach to intellectual inquiry.
  • Create a caring community of learners—students, teachers, staff, and families.

Ohr Eliyahu Academy is a non-profit 501C3 organization.


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